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The Rabbit on 
the Handkerchief 

The Rabbit on 
the Handkerchief 

Written by Wang Wenjuan 
Adapted by Yan Xiqiang 
Illustrated by Lin Wancui 

Dolphin Books Beijing 

First Edition 1987 

Hard Cover: ISBN 0-8351-1470-8 
Paperback: ISBN 0-8351-1558-5 

Published by the Dolphin Books 
24 Baiwanzhuang Road, Beijing, China 

Distributed by China International Book Trading Corporation 
(Guoji Shudian), P.O. Box 399, Beijing, China 

Printed in the People's Republic of China 

Ming Ming’s mother buys him a 
handkerchief with a tiny white 
rabbit on it. 


“Hey, Rabbit,” Ming Ming says 
to the rabbit, “Let’s be friends.” 


No sooner has Ming 
Ming said this than the 
white rabbit jumps up 
from the handkerchief 
and grins back. “Yes, 
why not,” he says. 

Then the rabbit jumps back onto the handkerchief. 
Holding the handkerchief in his hands Ming Ming 
says cheerfully, “Let’s go and play.” 

A moment later Ming Ming is on his knees, 
watching ants moving about. Then he 
cleans the mud off his hands with his 


After playing all day, Ming 
Ming is tired out, and his 
handkerchief is dirty. He 
takes a bath and goes to 


At midnight the tiny 
white rabbit jumps 
out of Ming Ming’s 
pocket, “Hey, Ming 
Ming, wake up! Give 
me a bath!” the rab- 
bit says. 


Ming Ming is too fast asleep to hear 
anything. The rabbit has to go back onto 
the handkerchief. 

The next morning Ming Ming falls down on his way to 
the kindergarten. Once again he uses the dirty hand- 
kerchief to wipe his eyes. 

Good heavens! The white rabbit has turned grey. “What’s 
happened?” asked Ming Ming. “It’s because you wiped your 
sweat and mud off with it,” replies the rabbit. 

Taking Ming Ming’s hand 
the rabbit told him, “When 
you used the dirty handker- 
chief to wipe your eyes, some 
germs got into them, and 
made them hurt. Let’s go to 
your mother for some 


Ming Ming’s mother puts some 
eye drops into Ming Ming’s 
eyes. After that they gradually 
get better. 


Ever since then, Ming 
Ming and the white rabbit 
have been better friends 
than ever. 

Look at the rabbit jumping up from the handkerchief. 
He has turned white again.